adrian gonzalez

Adrian began his acting career in 2005.  He can be seen in shows like The Bridge, and- …. what? Not that kind of bio?  Oh, then, is this a dating, right, Crossfit.

Adrian started doing crossfit in 2013.  Growing up, he was always very involved in sports.  In high school, he was captain of the varsity Swimming & Diving, Track & Field, and Football teams.  Being part of a team has always been part of his life.  At Northwestern University, Adrian found a team in their competitive cheerleading squad.  Here is where he gained most of his knowledge in gymnastics and olympic lifting.  Post college, Adrian bounced around from globo-gym to globo-gym and continued his fitness until he found a team and family in crossfit.  With his passion and ambition to always learn and grow, he got his Level 1 Certification and is now coaching.  Dancing and fun is always a guarantee in his classes :).


CrossFit Level 1


  • Quote: "Good things come to those who WORK THEIR ASSES OFF AND NEVER GIVE UP." 

  • Favorite Workout: Fran / Least Favorite Workout: Anything that involves rowing or assault bike.

  • Favorite Movement: All gymnastics.  Love walking on my hands and pull-ups/muscle-ups.  Goal this year is to get a press-up to handstand.  

  • Favorite Cheat Meal: I love corn tortilla chips, with lime and Valentina hot sauce.  And Fast food.  

  • Interesting Fact about Adrian: My favorite cartoon is Avatar: The Last Airbender. 

  • Favorite Super Hero: Superman. Buuuut if you told me I could have any superpower tomorrow, it would be teleportation.