DEPOT SUNSET Coach Jason Mac came up with the idea to have a fun inter-gym competition between the 4 DEPOT CrossFits!  The purpose is to be competitive with our DEPOT Family and see who can carry the "DEPOT Cup" until the next year.  

We will be having TWO competitions.  One for Rx and one for Scaled.  

The Same Scoring Method applies for both Divisions:
Top 4 Men’s scores for each workout from each gym
Top 4 Women’s Scores for each workout from each gym
Total of 8 scores from each gym

All 4 men’s scores from each gym (16 total) will be places on a leaderboard.  That placing will correspond to points that will be applied to that gyms total.  Same will be done with the women's scores.  LOWEST SCORES WIN.  It’s the same method the Games uses to determine Open placing.  

1. Jason B. (West LA)
2. Sean T. (SMV)
3. Sam R. (Hollywood)
4. Stan B. (Sunset)
5. Bobby A. (SMV)
6. Jon P (Sunset)
7. Patrick T. (SMV)
8. Jerry B. (Sunset)
9. Ryan S. (Hollywood)
10. Mike G. (West LA)
11. Adam L. (Hollywood)
12. Lance T. (Hollywood)
13. Andrew F. (West LA)
14. Frank O. (West LA)
15. Alex S. (SMV)
16. John W. (Sunset)

Scores from this example
West LA: 1, 10, 13, 14 = 38
Hollywood: 3, 9, 11, 12 = 35
Sunset: 4, 6, 8, 16 = 34
SMV: 2, 5, 7, 15 = 29

Scores will be taken directly from the GAMES site from that affiliates leaderboard and placed into our our DEPOT Leaderboard.  Therefore you MUST be registered and you MUST enter your score in.  You also must register at the gym where you scores will count.  Only exceptions are Ted/Liz (scores will come from West LA but be used for Hollywood).  No scores will be used that are not from the games site and from that affiliates Leaderboard.    

If a workout has two parts (refer to 15.1 and 15.1a) they will be treated like 2 separate events.  Jason, Jeff F., Ted, and Steph K. will lead the “competition fairness” committee.  And if for whatever reason someone tries to “game” the workouts (like they did in 2015) the scores will not count.  i.e. tank the WOD to get a higher max lift.  

The points for Rx will be added up each week and whoever has the lowest total for both male and female at the end of 5 weeks wins!  An athlete is NOT required to participate in all the workouts.  But as long as a score is entered and accepted on the GAMES site it can be used for placing.  The same exact scoring system will be used for Scaled athletes.  Once again, the "competition fairness" committee will determine if an athlete who should be going Rx deliberately tries to go Scaled when he/she shouldn't be doing so. 

We will be posting results every week via a Google Doc a day after your deadline to submit scores on the GAMES site...so be on the lookout for that!

Good luck!