Eating a “mini-meal” or snack, at least one hour before a workout can help maximize your workout efforts.

·         Choosing the right foods pre-workout can help increase energy during workouts. Pre-workout meals should include both easily digestible carbohydrates (to fuel your muscles) and protein (to help build and repair muscles). Examples include: Greek yogurt and berries, banana with almond butter, or an apple with high quality deli turkey. 

 What are prebiotics and what do they do?

·         With all the buzz around probiotics, the importance of eating a diet rich in prebiotics is often over looked. Prebiotics are what probiotics “eat” to thrive and multiply. More specifically, prebiotics are the non-digestible components of food and include a specific type of fiber called fructooligosaccharides. Quality sources of prebiotics include asparagus, artichokes, beans, onions, garlic, jicama.

What should I be eating to put on mass?

·         Trying to put on weight or gain muscle mass can be just as frustrating as trying to lose weight (especially for those who are “naturally” lean). The key to putting on mass is to increase nutrient density of meals and snacks without adding lots of volume. Choose high-calorie, nutrient dense foods versus low-fat or low-calorie options. Limit your intake of fried, or highly processed foods- as these provide lots of calories, but little to no nutritional value. Strive to eat every 2-4 hours to ensure you are meeting your kcal and macro-nutrient goals. 

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