Get your lifters ready because Depot's Annual Weightlifting Meet is coming up soon! West LA & Echo Park will have their Fall Classic on Saturday, September 8th at Echo Park, while SMV's will be Saturday, September 22nd. Read all about the Fall Classic in Coach's Jeff's letter below:

Hey all!

I'm excited to announce that our awesome in-house weightlifting meet, the Depot Fall Classic, is coming up in September! At Depot, the bulk of the classes I coach are CrossFit but I also teach Olympic Lifting at West LA and oversee the Barbell program at Echo Park (now also piloting in Santa Maria with a special 8-week Program!)

Weightlifting is one of my true passions. In addition to having my CrossFit Level 1 certification, I also have my USAW Level 1 and I have taken numerous weightlifting seminars and competed in weightlifting meets myself. From my own experience, I know that doing any sort of competing can be intimidating. Traditional olympic weightlifting meets in particular can be very different from the "typical" CrossFit competition; they can be quiet, very formal, and very regimented.

Compared to a traditional olympic weightlifting meet, Depot's Fall Classic is a casual in-house meet that will allow you to challenge yourself in a lowkey and encouraging environment. We'll play music and hang out throughout the day, and folks will be encouraged to give you high fives and bring snacks. Now get your best looking singlet (jk, not required but I'll applaud you for wearing one) and get signed up!!!! More details below.

Keep chasing them gainz!
Jeff Franzen, Head of Programming & Coaching

fall classic banner.png

To sign-up, visit your location's link below:

West LA & Echo Park @ EP - 9/8: Sign up here
SMV - 9/22: Sign up here