Congratulations again to everyone who participated in the Spring Into Summer Challenge! We wanted to highlight all of the hard work you put into the Challenge and have included a letter from Coach Richard Kittlaus below:

Hi Everyone,

My name is Richard and I'm one of the coaches at Depot Echo Park. I was fortunate enough to organize and run Depot's first ever Spring Into Summer Challenge and I couldn't be happier with the results. We designed this 5-week challenge to help participants eat healthier, work out more regularly, and inspire their teammates. This challenge was a great way for athletes to learn more about nutrition, see how their performance in the gym can be improved with the proper fuel, and ultimately reach goals they didn't think were possible.

Coaches Jason, Erika, Jeff M, Mary, and Zoei led teams in Echo Park, West LA, and SMV. As team captains, they helped motivate and hold their members accountable for working out and eating well in those 5 weeks to help achieve their goals. The results from our first benchmark workout an dunk versus our second workout and dunk were a clear indication of how hard everyone worked throughout the Challenge. As a group, we dropped body fat, increased muscle mass, and added reps to our second WOD. Really awesome.

I've run a lot of fitness and nutrition challenges in the past, but hearing some of the personal stories of growth and improvement in the end made Spring Into summer one of the most successful challenges I've been a part of. Congratulations to our participants and winners and thank you so much to all the team captains who helped make this possible!

- Rich

Overall Challenge Winners
Hogan Lee (WLA) & Allison Palm (SMV)

Hogan Lee WLA.jpg
Allison Palm SMV.jpg

Team Winner
If Conan The Barbarian And Xena The Warrior Princess Had Children It Would Be Us
Captain: Jason Mac

Jason's Team.JPG

Individual Male and Female Winners:

Jason Mac's Team (EP)
Will Malherbe & Erin Johnson

Jeff McKinney's Team (WLA)
John Whitcomb & Karina Salazar

Erika Becker's Team (EP)
Ford Allen & Alice Gualpa

Zoei Way's Team (SMV)
Greg Rowan & Deanne Davis

Mary Bigelow's Team (SMV)
Jennifer Lincoln & Marko Marrero

Awesome job to our winners and all of our participants!