Chad is originally from Green Bay, Wisconsin (Go Pack!) and grew up playing multiple sports, primarily basketball and soccer.  He loved the team aspect of sports and playing on game day but didn't really enjoy the training (mainly conditioning) that went into being a better athlete.  After moving to LA and doing his own weight training in globo gyms from regiments he found in books and magazines he'd plateaued and was bored and wanted to try something different.  A friend recommended he try Crossfit and after his first class instantly became hooked.  Who knew training and even conditioning could be so fun?  His passion for Crossfit grew and he realized that he wanted to help others improve their lives and discover that although achieving your fitness goals can be challenging, it can also be fun.  


CrossFit Level 1

  • Quote: I sound like a Crossfit nerd but "We fail at the margins of our experience." - Greg Glassman

  • Favorite Workout: Amanda/ Least Favorite Workout: Open WOD 15.5

  • Favorite Movement: Snatch for sure.  It's such a technical lift that requires strength, speed, flexibility, coordination and lots and lots of practice to get better at. 

  • Favorite Cheat Meal: A nice juicy burger.

  • Interesting Fact about Chad: I've played sports and been active all my life but have never broken or sprained a single bone in my body.

  • Favorite Super Hero: Batman.  He's a billionaire playboy by day and kicks ass at night in a cape.  Sounds like the life to me.