DEPOT PERFORMANCE classes are designed around circuit and interval training principles, where athletes move their bodyweight and/or light weights with high intensity and high repetitions at multiple workstations. In each 1-hour class, we’ll get you stretched, warmed up, and working through stations for 30 minutes. Depot Performance classes are for all levels, whether you’re a complete beginner or a seasoned athlete.

Depot Performance classes do not have the heavy barbell work, olympic lifting, or gymnastics movements seen in our CrossFit classes. However, athletes can expect the same level of expert coaching, tons of bodyweight movements, and fun equipment like suspension bands, assault bikes, and hurdles!


Full Body HIIT

High-intensity interval training that targets all parts of your body with a combination of cardiovascular drills, suspension band training, and sports performance exercises. Expect to work your arms, abs, legs, chest, and back, all while burning calories, increasing strength, and improving your overall fitness.

Speed & Agility

Work on your explosive power while staying light on your feet. We use exercises found in athletic training across varying sports to get you moving quicker front-to-back, up-and-down, and side-to-side.

Butt & Abs

Fire up the glutes and increase core strength with exercises specifically targeting your lower extremities, your upper and lower abdominals, and your low-to-mid back.

Just Legs

Exactly what it sounds like. Get ready to use those legs to squat, jump, and everything in between. Feel that booty burn while building strength and definition.

DEPOT PERFORMANCE classes are currently only available in limited schedules at Depot West LA & Depot Echo Park