(1) What type of lifting will we be doing?

Olympic lifting consists of the Snatch, Clean and Jerk.  Programming will include several variations of these lifts along with accessory exercises to build overall strength.   Expect to see lots of squats, presses, deadlifts, and single arm/leg exercises to accompany your traditional Olympic lifts.  Don’t expect to see any high intensity conditioning!

(2) Where should I be doing my programming and when can I do it?

Programming can be done any time the gym is open.  We ask you to use and share the platforms while completing programming.  

(3) Will the programming be posted on Wodify?

Yes!  The whole week of programming will be posted every Sunday so you can figure out your training schedule for the week.  If you want to access the programming, change the “Program” in Wodify to "Barbell."

(4) How do I know how many days of work I should be completing?

Depending on your skill level, experience, and training schedule, some of you will complete 3 days a week while others will complete 4 days a week.  We advise you to ask any one of our Barbell Coaches to find out which program is best for you.  

Any of the programming days that show “A” is for 3 days/week lifters while any programming that shows either “A” or “B” is for 4 days/week lifters.

(5) Can I do Depot Barbell and CrossFit?

If your goal is to compete and train as a weightlifter, then we ask you to follow the Barbell programming strictly and limit your CrossFit sessions to a minimum.  If you want to supplement Barbell to improve your CrossFit, we advise you to complete the “A” programming and supplement the other days you train with CrossFit or QuickHIIT.  

(6) Can I train two sessions in a day?

We do not recommend training 2 sessions/day as it can be hard on the body and increase the chance of injuries.  

(7) Can I do Barbell and hop into the CrossFit WOD?

You may not enter a CrossFit class if it has already started.  In order to participate in a CrossFit workout, you must attend from the start of the class.  Please also note that if you have a “Barbell Only” membership, you do not have access to CrossFit classes. If you’d like to upgrade your membership to include CrossFit, please speak with our front desk manager.

(8) What if I don’t know what an exercise listed in the programming is?

The majority of exercises listed in the programming will be exercises you have done in a CrossFit class.  In the rare instance that you are unfamiliar with an exercise, we will provide a short clip that demonstrates the movement listed.  You can also e-mail or chat with any of our coaches at any time!

(9) What’s the difference between Depot’s Olympic Lifting class and Depot Barbell?

Depot Echo Park’s former Olympic Weightlifting program on Wednesdays was a group class that involved a warm-up, instruction, and lifting.  The class occurred once a week and programming would be varied.

Depot’s new Barbell program is not taught in a traditional class setting.  The programming is meant to be done on an athlete’s own time, and involves a very detailed structure to maximize an athlete’s potential.  In order to improve in weightlifting, athletes need to lift consistently while following a regimented program.  Finally, while Barbell may not be a traditional class, we do offer a one-hour coach-supervised session each day where athletes can show, review, and improve their technique with a Depot coach.

(10) Do I have to sign-in to Barbell on Wodify?

We’ve set aside several hours during the week where athletes can receive instruction and coaching on the lifts they are doing for the day. For these specific coach-supervised hours, you must sign yourself into Wodify under “Barbell.”  In order to maximize the amount of time you are being coached, we ask that you come in early and get yourself warmed up and ready to lift.  You can start lifting at anytime during this hour.

As we see the program grow, we plan to add additional Depot Barbell Coaching hours.