Depot’s Elements is our on-ramp program designed for brand new athletes interested in CrossFit. CrossFit can significantly improve your overall fitness level; it also utilizes a broad range of functional movements with “real-world” applicability. However, many of these movements are very different from what you might see in a typical gym, which is why we require new CrossFitters to graduate from our Elements program before hopping into our group CrossFit classes.


In Los Angeles, our Elements program is a single 90-minute session led in a private or semi-private setting. In Santa Maria, Elements consists of 3 separate 1-hour sessions. Regardless of where you take Elements, a Depot coach will introduce you to key movements and techniques that you will utilize in our various CrossFit workouts. You’re not expected to master these skills in Elements, but rather have a basic understanding and foundation from which you can build. Once you transition into our CrossFit classes, our coaches will scale your workouts (i.e. lighter weights, fewer reps, etc.) appropriately to ensure that you progress safely. As at any CrossFit gym, Elements classes entail a one-time additional cost.