Having been a Division I collegiate swimmer, Jason graduated from school feeling empty without having competitive athletics to train for. He found CrossFit in late 2010 and found himself already competing in the SoCal CrossFit Regionals by 2011. Jason has since also qualified for the SoCal Regionals in 2012 and 2013 (but only competed in 2013 due to work obligations). Liz lost Jason’s qualifying video during the 2014 Open and is burdened with guilt to this day!!! ;)

Prior to Depot, he was a coach with CrossFit Five Cities on the Central Coast for 3 years. When not performing his duties as a Los Angeles Firefighter, Jason is training at one of Depot’s boxes or catching up on sleep. Jason enjoys spending time among the passionate and fun people that CrossFit notoriously attracts. 


CrossFit Level 1

  • Quote: "Dogs are forever in the push up position" - Mitch Hedberg

  • Favorite Workout: DT / Least Favorite Workout: Fran or any variation there of

  • Favorite Movement: Muscle Ups

  • Favorite Cheat Meal: What is a cheat meal?

  • Interesting Fact about Jason: I hate working out with Ted because I have to try way too hard.

  • Favorite Super Hero: Captain America because before they changed him he was a normal guy with a big fight.