Jason's main athletic background is tennis.  He played at Division 1 Wofford College (South Carolina) where he also lettered in Track & Field, Cross Country, and Rifle.  He has always liked the mental aspect of pushing your mind and body further. Enter CrossFit in the summer of 2011 and he joined the community headfirst.  One of Jason's favorite phrases when describing his relationship with CrossFit is "If CrossFit were a cult, I would be in the woods in my toga drinking kool-aid." Jason started of as a coach in Atlanta, GA at CrossFit Identity before relocating to Los Angeles in January 2013 to further his acting career.  He loves competing in team competitions and throwing down with friends.


CrossFit Level 1
PTR Tennis Pro
CrossFit Strongman Certified
USA Weightlifting Sport Performance



  • Quote: "Strong people are harder to kill than weak people and more useful in general" - Mark Rippetoe

  • Favorite Workout: Called a REST DAY / Least Favorite Workout: Fran...because if you have done it you know

  • Favorite Movement: Cleans - I just naturally have always enjoyed this wonderful expression of strength.

  • Favorite Cheat Meal: Ha!  Donuts...Boston Creme especially.

  • Interesting Fact about Jason: Used to own a business that sold a specialty sauce to grocery stores.

  • Favorite Super Hero: Gambit-cause he's the man.