Jonji Barber

Jonji started CrossFit in 2004 when his high school English teacher began coaching classes in place of the school’s regular PE program. While studying exercise biology at UC Davis, Jonji started a CrossFit Club and began coaching his friends and classmates. After graduating in 2012, he coached at NorCal CrossFit in San Jose, CA for two years until being accepted to medical school at UCLA. Currently, Jonji is a full time student who hopes to one day prescribe “Fran” to a patient and be taken seriously.

Jonji loves CrossFit because it fosters community, virtuosity, and self-respect. He loves both cats and dogs, broadway musicals and food snobbery.


CrossFit Level 1

  • Quote: “Any size pizza can be a personal pizza if you put your mind to it.” – EBae

  • Favorite Workout: Helen / Least Favorite Workout: Any thruster, pull-up combo.

  • Favorite Movement: Hmm…let’s go with air squat. It’s probably the most functional thing we do. Looks easy, but you can always improve!

  • Favorite Cheat Meal: Pizza =)

  • Interesting Fact about Jonji: I’m a huge fan of musicals.

  • Favorite Super Hero: Spiderman! He’s got some cool powers while still being vulnerable. Kind of reminds me of Ted.