Kadyr gutierrez

Kadyr has a diverse fitness background. He played soccer from the age of five through to college. When he wasn’t on the soccer field, he was either playing indoor volleyball, racing BMX bikes or rock climbing. Despite being a jack-of-all-trades, it wasn’t until later in life that he discovered the benefits of Olympic weightlifting.

In 2012, Kadyr became bored with is regular gym routine. Wanting something new and challenging, he stumbled across CrossFit Hollywood and out of pure curiosity, decided to give it a try. He was hooked.  Competitive by nature, he immediately strove to become proficient at every movement and workout. Crossfit was a perfect fit. After about 2 yrs He decided to get his L1 certification to further his knowledge and understanding of what now was his new and only fitness regimen.

Passionate about sharing this knowledge with new and experienced athletes, he’s found in coaching a way to both, help people move better and have fun with their bodies; as well as a solid structure to make himself a better athlete and stay injury free. 


CrossFit Level 1

  • Quote: 
  • Favorite Workout: Long Chippers / Least Favorite Workout: Any AMRAP
  • Favorite Movement: Overhead squats.
  • Favorite Cheat Meal: Too many to mention, but hot wings and ice cream are pretty up there.
  • Interesting Fact about Kadyr: I was born in the Ukraine.
  • Favorite Super Hero:  It would have to be a combination between Hancock (the superhero), Tony Stark (the person, not Iron Man), and my mom.