Marcel Mandagaran

Marcel grew up in a small town called Grants, New Mexico.  He was raised in household full of health and fitness inspiration.  He also was an athlete and played 3 sports growing up.  His parents own a unique business that’s both a gym and a salon.  It was clear that he was groomed by competitiveness and health awareness.  So naturally when CrossFit was introduced to him late 2012, like most athletes, he fell head over heels with it.  There he quickly taught himself just about everything himself being that the nearest CrossFit gym was 70miles away.  Soon, he attracted a few curious family members and gym rats.

In early 2013, he met his wife Jesi and together they officially started a CrossFit Affiliation they call Fire & Ice CrossFit named after what their town is known for; Active volcano and ice caves.  Just this past year, he moved here to LA with his wife as she is pursuing an acting career.  Its still up and running and going strong as they conduct their box from here in LA.  Together, they enjoy sharing their enthusiasm inspiring others through CrossFit.


CrossFit Level 1
Movement and Mobility
NESTA - Personal Trainer


  • Quote: “It ain’t about how hard you hit.  Its about how hard you GET hit and keep moving forward.”-Rocky Balboa
  • Favorite Workout: Isabel, because I like snatches / Least Favorite Workout
  • Favorite Movement: Box jumps, handstand push-ups, and T2Bs.
  • Favorite Cheat Meal: Chicken Alfredo & Mac n Cheese, but not mixed together!
  • Interesting Fact about Marcel: Was a Coal Miner before he became a CrossFit Coach. Puts Franks Hot Sauce on EVERYTHING.
  • Favorite Super Hero: Its not a superhero but rather 4 green turtles that happen to be Elite Ninjas. Go Ninja Turtles!