depot Barbell is COMING TO SMV! 

Includes special weightlifting seminar 7/28 led by coach jeff franzen

8-Week program officially kicks off 7/30

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The goal of this 8-week program is to improve the two competition lifts of Olympic weightlifting: the Snatch and Clean & Jerk. This cycle will help participants develop better technique, proficiency, and strength for these lifts. Programmed by Coach Jeff Franzen, the 8-week cycle will peak for Depot SMV’s Fall Classic Weightlifting Meet on September 22nd. While the goal is to specifically improve the Snatch and the Clean & Jerk, you will see positive carry-over to CrossFit movements. Better technique and stronger lifts will allow you to have a higher work capacity during CrossFit workouts as well.

This 8-week cycle costs $150 and will be open to 12 athletes max. 


On July 28th, prior to the start of the 8-week program, Coach Jeff Franzen will host a weightlifting seminar in SMV from 10am - 3pm with a break for lunch. This seminar is included in the price of the program; we will also open up 10 extra spots later for a price of $50.

The 8-week cycle officially begins on July 30th and ends September 22nd. The goal of the cycle is to get you ready to compete at SMV’s Fall Classic Weightlifting Meet on September 22nd. Participation in the meet is not required, but if you are interested, please note that admission for the meet is not included in the price of the 8-week program.


Once the 8-week cycle begins, athletes will have access to 4 days of programming each week provided by Coach Jeff.

From there, athletes will also have 3 days a week of coach-supervised hours led by Coach Jon Shelton. These coach-supervised hours will NOT be run like a traditional class. Athletes will warm themselves up and begin lifting whenever they are ready. During these hours, Coach Jon will be available to give personalized feedback and assistance. To get the greatest benefit from the program, we highly encourage you to come to the coach-supervised hours.

Official coach-supervised hours will be: M/W/Th from 7:30 - 8:30 pm

For either the 4th day of programming or if you are unable to make any of the coach-supervised hours, you can come in the following times to complete your programming:

M/W/F: 6 - 8am
Sun: 9 - 11am
Any regularly scheduled open gym time

* Please do not use any other class hours to complete this weightlifting programming as you will be asked to stop.

** Please note that Coach Jon will only be available during official coach-supervised hours on M/W/Th from 7:30 - 8:30 PM

Programming & Coaching

Coach Jeff has designed the 8-week cycle and will provide each week of programming at the start of the week via e-mail. Athletes will also have on-site coaching from Coach Jon where he can provide immediate feedback. If athletes are unable to come to the coach-supervised hours or are doing their 4th day of lifting, there will also be a Facebook group where athletes can post up to two videos a week; Coach Jeff will provide feedback on those videos.

Guidelines & Suggestions

Get a notebook or journal to track your training. Throughout the week, you should keep track of each weight lifted and your general feelings regarding each session.

Lifting shoes, a belt, wrist wraps, and knee sleeves/wraps are not required but will help.

If your goal is to get stronger and improve your lifts, conditioning should be kept somewhat to a minimum. We recommend doing 2-3 days max of CrossFit classes. If you are going to CrossFit, try to do it on days you are not lifting. If you need to do CrossFit on the same day as your lifting, lifting first is preferred.


You can sign-up and pay for the program at the front desk. Sign-ups end 7/22 but we recommend securing your spot ASAP as the program will be capped at 12 athletes max! Payment will be made via check and your spot will officially saved once we receive payment.

If you are interested in only attending the weightlifting seminar on 7/28, we will open 10 additional spots later for $50/person.

If you have any questions at all, you can email Coach Jeff at

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