Depot skills and drills is COMING TO SMV!

Includes special seminar 1/5 led by coach Stephanie Kennedy and Jeff Fuhring

6-Week program officially kicks off 1/7/19

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The goal of this 6-week program will be the development of strength, skill, technique, coordination, mobility and efficiency of the gymnastics movements experienced in Crossfit Workouts. Programmed by Coach Stephanie Kennedy and Jeff Fuhring, the 6-week cycle will peak for the worldwide Crossfit 2019 Open.  Better technique and movement patterns will allow you to have a higher work capacity during CrossFit workouts. Skills covered during 6 week program are as follows:

  • Toes To Bar

  • Pullups (kipping and butterfly)

  • CTB (kipping and butterfly)

  • Bar MU

  • Ring Dip

  • Ring Muscle Up (strict and kipping)

  • Handstand Push Up

  • Handstand Walking

  • Rope Climb

  • Pistols

  • Double Unders

This 6-week cycle costs $150 and will be open to 20 athletes max.  


On January 5th, prior to the start of the 6-week program, Coach Steph and Jeff will host a Skills and Drills seminar in SMV from 11:30 – 3:30pm. This seminar is included in the price of the program; we will also open up 10 extra spots later for a price of $50.

The 6-week cycle officially begins on January 7th and ends February 15th. The goal of the cycle is to improve your gymnastics skills and get you ready to compete in the worldwide Crossfit 2019 Open.   Participation in the Open is not required, but if you are interested, please note that admission for the Open is not included in the price of the 6-week program.


Once the 6-week cycle begins, athletes will have access to 4 days of programming each week provided by Coach Jeff and Steph. Three of those days will be gymnastics based and one day of mobility/recovery.

From there, athletes will also have 4 days a week of coach-supervised hours led by either Coach Steph or Coach Jeff. These coach-supervised hours will be run like a traditional class. Coaches will program a warm up, a focus for the day and a cooldown.   During these hours, Coaches will be available to give personalized feedback and assistance. The program will start with baseline testing of both strict and kipping gymnastics movements to establish two levels.  Level 1 will be a Beginner level focusing on building strength to obtain strict/kipping movements. Level 2 will be Intermediate/Advanced level focusing on building stamina, refining technique and connecting multiples of all movements.   ALL levels will be learning proper progressions of every movement and programming will be set up with proper progressions for each level. The program will start with a 4 hour seminar on January 5th from 11:30-3:30

Official coach-supervised hours will be:
Monday  1-2 PM, Wednesday  1:15-2:15 PM and Tuesday / Thursday from 7-8pm

Programming & Coaching

Coaches have designed the 6-week cycle and will provide each week of programming at the start of the week via e-mail. Athletes will also have on-site coaching from both Coaches where they can provide immediate feedback. If athletes are unable to come to the coach-supervised hours or are doing their 4th day of gymnastics programming, there will also be a Facebook group where athletes can post up to two videos a week; Coach Jeff and Steph will provide feedback on those videos.

Guidelines & Suggestions

Get a notebook or journal to track your training. Throughout the week, you should keep track of start/end gymnastics testing and improvements as well as your general feelings regarding each session.

Grips, wrist wraps, and knee sleeves/wraps are not required but will help.


You can sign-up and pay for the program at the front desk. Sign-ups end 1/5/19 but we recommend securing your spot ASAP as the program will be capped at 20 athletes max! Payment will be made via check and your spot will officially saved once we receive payment.

If you are interested in only attending the Gymnastics seminar on 1/5, we will open 10 additional spots later for $50/person.

If you have any questions at all, you can email Coach Steph at

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