Stephanie Kennedy

Stephanie grew up very active starting with competitive gymnastics at an early age. The strength and solid foundation gained from this has helped her not only in Crossfit but in everyday life as well. She played Division I Softball for Purdue University where she was first introduced toOlympic Weightlifting. Stephanie spent close to 10 years as a Wildland Firefighter in areas of Smokejumping (yes, that is jumping out of a perfectly good airplane to fight fires!) Hotshot Crews, Helicopter Rappelling, and Fire Engine Crews. The camaraderie and mental toughness she gained as firefighter has really helped her in becoming a successful Coach and Crossfitter.

Stephanie received her Crossfit Level 1 certification in August of 2009 and began competing in the sport in 2010. Stephanie received her USAW Level 1 Sport Performance Coach certification in 2012. She has attended numerous Olympic Weightlifting certifications and seminars under Catalyst Athletics Coach Greg Everett, USAW Hall of Fame Coach Bob Takano, USAW International Coach Patrick Cullen-Carroll and National Weightlifting Coach Sean Waxman. Stephanie has also had the opportunity to work for ABC’s hit TV show Extreme Weight Loss as a personal trainer for a local Orcutt area resident.

Stephanie has a passion for helping others obtain their fitness goals,preparing for crossfit competitions, spartan races, upcoming athletic seasons and overall health and wellness.


USAW Level 1 Coach
CrossFit Level 1


CrossFit Games SoCal Regional Individual Competitor 2010
CrossFit Games SoCal Regional Individual Competitor 2011
CrossFit Games SoCal Regional Individual Competitor 2012
CrossFit Games SoCal Regional Individual Competitor 2013
OC Throwdown 2011 Womens 3rd Place
OC Throwdown 2012 Womens Elite 16th Place
WODtoberfest 2012 3rd Place


  • Quote: "Build for your team a feeling of oneness, of dependence upon one another and of strength to be derived by unity." – Vince Lombardi

  • Favorite Workout: DT/ Least Favorite Workout: Fran

  • Favorite Movement: HSPUs

  • Favorite Cheat Meal: Anything with dark chocolate!

  • Interesting Fact about Stephanie: I was a smokejumper for the United States Forest Service based out of Redmond, Oregon.  We would fly in airplanes and parachute down to fight wildfires. I landed in a tree once and spend five hours trying to get my parachute out of the tree.  Imagine all the thoughts going on in my head during that time lol!  Definitely learned how to persevere!

  • Favorite Super Hero: Black widow of course!  She is an expert spy, athlete and assassin!