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In a city full of the next big fitness trend, come try a time-tested program rooted in the most up-to-date science in fitness physiology. Depot's SweatMix is designed around a combination of High-Intensity-Interval-Training (HIIT) and low impact mono-structural movement to bring you the most effective and sustainable training regimen out there. In 45 minutes, we'll warm you up, work you hard, and burn your core. 


Get your heart pumping and your muscles burning as you fight the Bike and/or Rower! The Assault Bike has both hand and foot pedals and increases resistance as you pedal harder while the C2 Rower burns the legs, shoulders, and core as you push and pull simultaneously.  Bottom line: the Bike and Rower are two of the most effective low-impact options to burn fat & tone your full body while improving your cardiovascular endurance. You'll be taken through intervals on the bike and/or rower that jack your heart rate up and kicks your metabolism into high-gear. 


Depot SweatMix incorporates dumbbells, kettlebells, blocks, resistance bands, and bodyweight drills to keep your body guessing and stave off the dreaded plateau. Fast-paced use of dumbells and kettlebells build strength and lean muscles; bodyweight drills develop core stability and overall coordination; and bands/blocks will tone every inch of your body. These elements, combined with the Assault Bike and Rower will burn calories, shed fat, and get you the body you've always wanted.


Always different, never boring.  At Depot's SweatMix, everyday is different: Different interval ratios, different muscles group, different skill drills, different physical goals. And while our programming is developed to be the fastest and most effective workout available, our goal is to make sure you can maintain your health and fitness for for-ev-er! While every workout will engage the whole body, each day targets specific muscle groups or skill sets.  This ensures enough time for muscles to recover properly so they can be ripped and ready for the next go-round.


Fitness is more fun with friends! At Depot's SweatMix, we believe in bringing people together through fitness by creating an energetic party-like atmosphere where you can sweat it out with a great group of like-minded people! Have a blast working out to upbeat music featuring today’s hottest hits as well as your favorite hits from the past. The people, combined with our knowledgeable instructors and innovative programming, will challenge and motivate you to become a more fit and more confident version for yourself.  Love your time in the gym by coming into SweatMix.

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SWEATMIX Only Unlimited - $149/month*


1 Class - $20

Notes: All rates are subject to change without notice. No Commitments required for SWEATMIX Only memberships.  All month to month memberships have automatic monthly renewals and require 30 days notice to cancel.


sweatmix ECHO PARK

1016 N. Alvarado
Los Angeles, CA — 90026
Email: contact@sweatmixfitness.com
Phone: 213.263.9241


Kelly Grader
Email: kelly@depot.fitness
Phone: 213.263.9241

hours of operation

Monday - Thursday: 6:00AM to 8:30PM
Friday: 6:00AM to 7:30PM
Saturday: 9:00AM to 11:00AM
Sunday: 9:00AM to 12:00PM