Good technique and safety go hand-in-hand when training. These are the cornerstones of our coaching philosophy at Depot. The lack of attention to such details at many CrossFit gyms is perhaps the biggest criticism of CrossFit.  At Depot, we have a team of experienced and highly knowledgeable coaches who emphasize proper form, technique, and safety with each and every workout. Our coaches help appropriately scale all movements, enabling our members to be challenged, while progressing as safely as possible. Our team strives to continue to improve and expand their knowledge base to provide our members with the best training possible. Come visit and see for yourself!


A strong and close-knit community is among the defining characteristics of CrossFit. Depot’s community holds each other accountable during the WODs and in helping to achieve individual goals.  Your fellow members will quickly become some of your closest friends, sharing a passion for having fun inside and outside the gym.  We love our community and enjoy hosting social events such as pub crawls, parties, and dinners to help members get to know each other better!


Space - Depot has the largest CrossFit facilities in their respective locations. 

Equipment - Our gyms are fully equipped with large pull-up rigs and the best equipment from Rogue and ETE.  

Amenities - Depot has restrooms, showers and free dedicated parking.

Software - Depot uses WODify software to enable our athletes to track workouts and lifts.  Athletes can access their profiles from any tablet, computer or mobile device. 

Come check out our facility!