Zoei played soccer since she was a little girl.  Prior to CrossFit,all she really did was run. Then one day the CrossFit Games came on and Zoei saw all these strong, badass women doing this thing called CrossFit and she thought "YES! Look at these awesome athletic girls who don't look like string beans, can do amazing things and inspire other girls to be more than a cardio bunny, while totally proving that lifting doesn't 'make women bulky' (*eye roll*). I wanna be like them". After that, Zoei walked into her first CrossFit gym, signed up and the rest is history. 

Zoei loves surprising herself with how far she has come since beginning CrossFit, while still daily being humbled by the goals she has for herself fitness-wise and how far she has yet to go.  Zoei loves the community that can't be found anywhere else, the camaraderie and families that form in CrossFit gyms all over the place. 

Outside of the gym, Zoei likes to hang out with her fiancé, take their puppy to the dog park/dog beach, eat good food & drink good beer! 


CrossFit Level 1



  • Quote: "Everybody wants to make a difference, but nobody is willing to be different" -Andy Andrews 

  • Favorite Workout: Diane and pretty much any chipper/ Least Favorite Workout: anything with chest to bars or running

  • Favorite Movement: 

  • Favorite Cheat Meal: I've got a mean sweet tooth. B&J tonight dough ice cream, warm cinnamon rolls, brownies, Oreos, a brownie Oreo sundae with peanut butter on top....I'll stop now. 

  • Interesting Fact about Zoei: 

  • Favorite Super Hero: Wade Wilson (deadpool) because he makes me laugh.