Depot Pride WOD 2019!


Depot Pride WOD 2019!

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June is nationally recognized as LGBTQ pride month! On Saturday, June 8th to celebrate our LGBTQ community and allies, we'll host one Depot Pride class at DTLA and two Depot Pride classes at Echo Park, West LA, and SMV . Each class will run 90 minutes instead of an hour; in each class we'll be crushing two separate WODs to honor LGBTQ heroes Harvey Milk and Edith Windsor. Classes will be led by Coach Zoei Shelton (SMV), Coach Adrian (Echo Park), Coach Steph (DTLA), Coach Ryan (WLA), and Coach Chad (WLA).


Zoei Shelton (SMV)

Coach Zoei.jpg

Why are you so excited to coach this workout?
In a world where there is sooo much division, I think it's super important to find as many ways to show up for and support each other as we can. To be open, accepting, and loving to our gym brothers/sisters and to celebrate them for who they are! I am excited to coach this workout so that I can show my support to the LGBTQ community and at the same time, do my part to help us progress and move forward toward unity, acceptance and love that overpowers judgment and hate.

What makes you Depot Proud? 
I like walking into a place that feels like home. I feel very lucky to be part of our coaching's like a little family that fits into the bigger family that is Depot SMV -- which is part of our giant Depot United family! I am proud of our community & this thing called CrossFit (or Bootcamp) because of the power it has to bring together & unite so many different people.

Adrian Gonzalez (Echo park)

Coach Adrian.jpg

Why are you so excited to coach this workout?
I'm excited to coach this workout to raise awareness about GLSEN and all of the reasons we celebrate Pride. So many kids struggle with their identity at school and are bullied. As a gay Mexican boy growing up in a machismo bordertown, I know what it's like to fear not being accepted for who you are. This is a perfect way to bring the LGBTQ community and its allies together, because only together can we move forward and overcome adversity. Plus, coaching has become my favorite place to get my dance party going while everyone is working out :)

What makes you Depot Proud? 
I love my Depot community! It's an incredible diverse group of creative, passionate, and talented athletes that continue to make me a better human every day. They've embraced me with open arms and celebrate who I am as a person and as an athlete, and I'm lucky that I am able to call many of them my friends. Depot will forever be my home! Depot Strong baby! Depot Pride!

Steph Lo (DTLA)

Coach Steph.jpg

Why are you so excited to coach this workout?
We introduced Depot Pride last year and I was fortunate enough to coach the WOD at Depot West LA. The Pride WOD is a total grinder of a partner workout (spoiler alert: it's 2 separate metcons hosted in a single session) and an absolute blast. As a coach, there's really nothing that brings me more joy than watching you all suffer together (i.e. have fun together) while dancing around to Janelle Monae and Troye Sivan. More importantly, June's a big month for the LGBTQ+ community and I'm excited we get to celebrate Pride at DTLA this year. If you're an ally, this is a chance to show up for your fellow queer athletes here at Depot. And if you're a member of the LGBTQ+ community, this is just one way out of many that we at Depot hope to show our love and support. Excited to see you decked out in your finest rainbow gear (and/or sequins, glitter, etc.) this Saturday!

What makes you Depot Proud? 
I've visited many gyms over the course of my 6+ years of doing CrossFit, and I can easily say that Depot has one of the most diverse and inclusive communities. I'm a masculine-presenting gay Asian American woman, and at Depot I can be my full self without ever feeling out of place. At Depot, our coaches and members come from all types of backgrounds and have a variety of differing identities, and I love that we celebrate those differences here at Depot. I'm also proud to be part of a community that gives back to the community. As a GLSEN chapter leader and volunteer, I can assure you that every single dollar that gets donated to the organization is going directly to support K-12 students and educators helping make schools safer and more inclusive for LGBTQ+ students right here in Los Angeles. I'm proud to work for a CrossFit gym that is not only a welcoming space for queer athletes, but also helping make a positive impact in the lives of LGBTQ+ youth!

Ryan Cho (WLA)

Coach Ryan.jpg

Why are you so excited to coach this workout?
I think the pride workout is a great way to celebrate and showcase the diversity of the gym. Not every gym is able, or wants, to host a Pride workout, and I'm excited that Depot is a place where we are able to do so! (Also--In reality, I'm just excited to listen to Steph's annual playlist for this workout.)

What makes you Depot Proud? 
There's a lot of reasons that make me Depot Proud! First off, it's great to have a supportive and interactive community. That's one of the great things about CrossFit in general, and Depot especially. I've made a ton of friends through the gym and I'm glad we can be a place where anyone, regardless of their fitness level, can do fitness!

Chad Hanson (WLA)

Coach Chad.jpg

Why are you so excited to coach this workout?
I always love the opportunity to coach the workouts that are for a cause. There's usually a lot more energy in the class and it's awesome seeing everyone come together to sweat for a worthy cause. Can't wait to see everyone stylin' in their wicked cool Depot pride shirts too (shout out to Wendy P for those!).

What makes you Depot Proud? 
What makes me Depot proud is being part of such a welcoming and humble community. I'm always blown away by how friendly and supportive all our members are of each other. I also love that so many members rally together and get behind causes like this. It goes to show the high level of character our members have and I consider myself so lucky to be part of such a great group of people. 

We can’t wait to see you on Saturday sporting your Depot Pride shirts and rainbow gear! Don’t forget to reserve your spot on Wodify before classes get capped.


Depot LA & SMV, Register for Sun's Out, Buns Out Today!


Depot LA & SMV, Register for Sun's Out, Buns Out Today!

sun's out banner.png

Hello Depot Athletes,

Our first-ever partner competition is coming this summer! Get your team ready to compete in an environment filled with sun, fun and buns! We encourage athletes to dress in their best summer attire as they push themselves a little bit harder than they normally would in our daily CrossFit classes. Sun's Out, Buns Out is a fun, family friendly event that is inclusive to both Rx and Scaled athletes and is really just a great way to keep the summer going among friends and family! (And potentially win some prizes!)

This year’s competition will take place on Saturday, July 13th at Depot Santa Maria (4869 S. Bradley Rd. Santa Maria, CA 93455) and Depot Echo Park (1016 N. Alvarado St., LA, CA 90026). The cost is $90 and registering by Monday, 06/17 (11:59pm PST) will guarantee you a T-shirt with your registration. Registrations after 06/17 will be accepted (pending space), but will not come with a t-shirt. Our competition will be capped, so sign-up today to secure your spot! All workouts and movements have been posted on the registration site! Check your email or Wodify for the password!

LA Athletes Register Here:
SMV Athletes Register Here:

Finally, we’re looking for volunteers to help us run the show! If you’re unable to compete, but would like to help set up the night before, judge, and/or assist with day-of tasks, please email Jeff Franzen at



Pre-order Your Depot Pride Shirt Today!

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Last year, we hosted our first ever Depot Pride WODs during Pride Month (June) and we’ll be doing it again a few weeks from now on Saturday, June 8th! Regular group CrossFit classes at all locations will be swapped out for Depot Pride WODs, each running 90-minutes. With a partner, you’ll be tackling two separate soul-crushing but heartwarming WODs to honor LGBTQ heroes Edith Windsor and Harvey Milk. 

Pride is one of my favorite times of the year and Depot Pride holds a particularly special place in my heart. Depot’s community is one of the strongest and most inclusive I’ve ever been a part of and our Pride WOD is a perfect indicator of that. Come as you are, in your brightest rainbow gear if you please, and work out knowing that Depot is a place for all to workout.

We’re also doing a 2019 run of extra special limited edition Pride shirts to celebrate, but you need to pre-order to guarantee a shirt! Shirts are $25 if you pre-order by May 14th, 2019. If there are extras, they will be available for $30. All profits will be donated to GLSEN LA, a non-profit organization whose mission is to create safe and affirming schools for LGBTQ students K-12 in Los Angeles.

Depot Pride T - Square.png

*Link to pre-order shirts can be found in the May Newsletter and on Wodify!


3 Easy Steps to Get Ready for the CrossFit Open!


3 Easy Steps to Get Ready for the CrossFit Open!

depot cf open 2019.png

Depot members!

We’re less than 3 weeks out from the start of the 2019 CrossFit Open. By this point, you’ve probably read all of our flyers and know what the Open is. If you don’t know, please check out the flyers (the restroom is a fun place to read! :P), catch yourself up here, and/or ask any Depot coach! 

What is there left to do?

(1) Register for the Open at the CrossFit Games website: Register Now

  • Make sure to select your specific Depot CrossFit affiliate location

  • DTLA: Depot Downtown

  • Echo Park: Depot CrossFit Echo Park

  • West LA: Depot CrossFit

  • SMV: Depot CrossFit SMV

(2) Save the Date(s)! CrossFit HQ will be announcing Open workouts every Thursday night starting February 21st and you’ll be completing the workout with your fellow Depot community members each week.

  • Organized CrossFit Open heats for each Depot location are on the following days:

  • DTLA: Friday Night 

  • Echo Park: Saturday Morning

  • West LA: Saturday Morning

  • SMV: Friday Night

(3) Pre-order a Depot CrossFit Open t-shirt. This year, Depot’s giving back to our own local communities as part of the Open. Depot’s 2019 CrossFit Open t-shirts are on pre-sale for $20 each; all profits will be donated to a community-specific non-profit organization! Submit your preorder here.

(4) BONUS STEP! Stay tuned! (More content coming.)

  • We’re working on a fun little video for you to walk you through some more CrossFit Open FAQs, tips, and details. :) In the meantime, don’t forget to do steps 1, 2, and 3 above!

- Your Depot United Management Team


The CrossFit Open is Coming!...But what is it?


The CrossFit Open is Coming!...But what is it?

Depot United!

crossfit games.jpg

The CrossFit Open is coming on February 21st, and we want you to participate! The CrossFit Open is comprised of five workouts over five weeks, programmed by CrossFit HQ. Throughout the five weeks, folks just like you will be performing these workouts at CrossFit affiliates all over the world. 

While the top 20 finishers in the CrossFit Open will advance to a spot at the CrossFit Games, most people who participate in the Open are doing it for fun with the rest of the CrossFit community.

CrossFit Open workouts will be released every Thursday during the Open and there will be a specific day of the week that we complete the workout together in organized heats right here at Depot.

If you’ve never done the Open and have more questions about what it is, ask any coach! If you’ve done the Open before, we’re looking forward to you doing it again. We’ll be posting more details over the next few weeks about registration and heats.

For now, check out this awesome video shot by Coach Jason Mac at Echo Park during our last 2018 CrossFit Open WOD in Los Angeles.


Depot Birthday Wishes & A Reminder to Register for OUTWOD


Depot Birthday Wishes & A Reminder to Register for OUTWOD

happy birthday depot.png

I wanted to take a moment to wish Depot a Happy (Belated) 5th Birthday! When I first opened Depot West LA on January 1st, 2014, I could have never imagined that a few years later Depot would be what it is today - 4 awesome fitness communities from Los Angeles to the Central Coast, with the most incredible members and staff. Thank you so much to our amazing Depot United community and Depot team for all of the love, support, and wonderful memories since we first opened our doors. There have been so many forever friendships, transformations, and PRs here and I feel so lucky to have been here for them. I feel fortunate that my everyday is doing something I am so passionate about and that I get to see all you:) We have so many fun things planned for 2019, and I look forward to many more years together, with lots of sweaty fitness. See you soon, Depot crew!

Liz Montaño

OUTWOD + Depot.png

On Saturday, February 2nd, we’ll be opening up our doors at Depot Echo Park to LGBTQ+ athletes and allies from all across Los Angeles to host OUTWOD, a community workout and fundraiser. We've set a goal to raise $2,000 for OUTWOD and GLSEN LA, and we'd love for our Depot community to sign up and sweat for a cause!

With 2 divisions to choose from, family and friends are more than welcome to join in on the fun (even if they don't have any CF experience)! Click the button below to register.

If you're unable to attend, but would still like to donate to the event goal, click here.

crossfit games.jpg

Another year, another CrossFit Open will be coming our way starting Thursday, February 21st - Monday, March 25th. We'll be sharing more details regarding heat times and sign ups as the announcement gets closer! For now, we can mentally prepare ourselves for what Dave Castro might have in store for us in 19.1.

Never heard of the CrossFit Open or how it works? Watch the video below to get caught up and ready to sign up!


OUTWOD is coming to Depot Echo Park!


OUTWOD is coming to Depot Echo Park!


Hi everyone,

Hope you’re still enjoying time with family, friends, and your favorite pair of stretchy pants. I’m briefly interrupting your holiday time with a fun announcement: On Saturday, February 2nd, we’ll be hosting OUTWOD at Depot Echo Park!

One of my favorite things about Depot is how diverse and inclusive the community is across every single one of our locations. The way each gym showed up loud and proud for our inaugural Depot Pride workout in June truly gave me the warm and fuzzies. <3

I can’t wait to host our Depot Pride WOD in June 2019, but ahead of that, you’ll have another opportunity to work out and show your support for the LGBTQ+ community. In February, we’ll be opening up our doors at Depot Echo Park to queer athletes and allies from all across Los Angeles to host OUTWOD, a community workout and fundraiser.


Registration is $30 and all proceeds from the event will be going towards The Out Foundation and GLSEN Los Angeles. The Out Foundation is the only US non-profit dedicated to the health and wellness of the LGBTQ+ community by providing access to and success within the fitness space. GLSEN LA is an education non-profit whose mission is create safe and affirming K-12 schools for all students, regardless of sexual orientation, gender identity, or gender expression.

Two different options for the OUTWOD workout are available: (1) Fitness - Simple functional fitness movements requiring no advanced skill (perfect for your friend who does not have CrossFit experience but wants to join in on the fun!) and (2) Performance - Elements of olympic lifting, powerlifting, gymnastics, etc. (As a Depot member, you’ll be ready for this!)

With that said, save the date - February 2nd, 2019! Or, better yet...register now! Again, this event is open to the public and the OUTWOD team will be closing registrations once we reach capacity.

With love and excitement (and very much still in my comfy holiday pants),
Steph Lo


Depot Holiday Hours


Depot Holiday Hours

Feeling like getting a Holiday WOD in before the year ends? Make sure to check out our special Holiday Hours for all locations below and reserve your spot on Wodify!

CrossFit visitors from out of town, we don’t publish our WODs publicly, but are happy to host you if you’re looking for a gym away from home over the holidays! You can reserve your spot here!

Depot LA Holiday Hours.png

WEST LA: In addition to the above, 6 & 7 PM classes on Friday 12/28 are also cancelled

Depot SMV holiday hours.png
happy holidays.png


Naughty or Nice 2018 Recap


Naughty or Nice 2018 Recap

naughty or nice banner.png

Depot Squad!

We wrapped up our 5th annual Naughty or Nice competition this past Saturday, and we couldn’t be more proud of all of the athletes who competed! Across both SMV and LA, we had lots of clean PRs, plenty of folks who surprised themselves by pushing themselves to level 11, and a ton of holiday cheer. 

Thank you so much to all of our staff, member, and family volunteers who helped setup, judge, score, clean up, and all of the little things in between that helped make both events so successful. We couldn’t have hosted these competitions without you and are so grateful for each and every one of you!

LA Results

Depot Naughty or Nice 2018 - 0364.jpg

Your local winners for the Los Angeles competition between DTLA, Echo Park, and West LA are:

Women’s RX 
1st - Jackie Crawley (West LA)
2nd - Angela Armijo (Echo Park)
3rd - Susan Boudakian (West LA)

Women’s Scaled
1st - Kelsie Pelletier (West LA)
2nd - Catherine Amble (DTLA)
3rd - Karina Salazar (West LA)

Men’s RX
1st - Mike Matta (Echo Park x DTLA)
2nd - Jon Prescott (Echo Park)
3rd - Khai Ly (Echo Park)

Men’s Scaled
1st - Tony Reyes (DTLA)
2nd - Christopher Boswell (West LA)
3rd - Ryan Nolan (West LA)

Detailed results can be found here: Naughty or Nice - LA Leaderboard
* In the event of a tie, the athlete with the most top place (1st place) event finishes took the win
* In the event of a tie where both athletes had the same number of top place event finishes, we HOSTED AN IMPROMPTU 60-SECOND MAX CALORIE ASSAULT BIKE FACEOFF (Congratulations to you both, Jackie & Angela! We hope your lungs and quads have recovered.)


We also want to give a big thank you to Jonathan Moore for taking amazing photos! You can check out his album, "LA Naughty or Nice Photos Part 1," below:

SMV Results

santas favorite.jpg

Your local winners for Santa Maria are as follows:

Women’s RX 
1st - Carly Lucas
2nd - Ashley Wicklund

Women’s Scaled
1st - Deanna Davis

Men’s RX
1st - JayJay Lopez
2nd - Andrew Gregg
3rd - Fernando Holguin

Men’s Scaled
1st - David Gonzalez

Detailed results can be found here: Naughty or Nice - SMV Leaderboard

You can check out photos from the competition posted in the SMV FB group page below:

Overall Results


And...without further ado, we’d like to present your OVERALL top place winners across both Los Angeles and SMV! These are your Naughty or Nice TITLE Champions for 2018!

Women’s RX: Carly Lucas (SMV)

Women’s Scaled: Catherine Amble (DTLA)

Men’s Scaled: Tony Reyes (DTLA)

Men’s RX: Mike Matta (Echo Park x DTLA)

Detailed results can be found here: Naughty or Nice - Global Leaderboard - LA & SMV

Congratulations again to all of our athletes! On any given day, just 1 Depot WOD is tough enough, and you each did 4. We love hosting this event every year and hope you had a blast. :) Enjoy your time with family and friends this holiday season!

Kind Regards from the North Pole,
Liz Montaño, Jeff Franzen, Steph Lo


Check out Depot's Naughty or Nice 2018 Sponsors!


Check out Depot's Naughty or Nice 2018 Sponsors!

Naughty or Nice.png

Hello Depot Athletes!

This year’s event is being held at our new Downtown LA location so come join the fun and help us break in our new space!
Competition participants in Rx and Scaled divisions will have the chance to win prizes from the following sponsors:

Sponsors Banner.png
Chicas Logo.jpeg

Chicas will be providing all competitors with neighborhood discount cards and competition winners will be receiving Chicas gift cards.

More about Chicas: Under the direction of James Beard nominated chef Eduardo Ruiz, Chicas Tacos popped up in a small taco stand in downtown Los Angeles in 2016. They pioneered the movement of utilizing fresh, organic, and never-frozen ingredients in a bold yet balanced menu inspired by the vibrant flavors of Mexico. Chicas is just two blocks away from Depot DTLA and is one of our favorite taco spots!

embraced healing logo.jpg

Embrace Healing & Wellness will be on-site at our competition giving FREE 15-minute chiropractic evaluations and sports specific massages (Active Release Technique) for all athletes and spectators. You can sign-up for your 15-minute session on the day of the competition at Embrace's booth.

More from Embrace: Embrace Healing & Wellness is located in West LA and provides the most comprehensive therapeutic treatments available outside of the traditional medical community. Starting as Chiropractic and Acupuncture practitioners who specialized in sports injuries, we broadened our focus to encompass many lifestyle-related health treatments, including Functional Medicine, Active Release Technique, ergonomics issues, strength, flexibility and nutrition. Our practice now specializes in rebuilding your natural energy and well-being by repairing and mitigating physical problems. Our goal is to get you back to your lifestyle and activities quickl —and to feel more confident about how you approach your health. For a couple of years, we've had the honor to provide onsite chiropractic care to other CrossFit athletes at Torrance Crossfit (now Torrance Training Lab). We loved the experience and energy of the CrossFit community and look forward to working with you!

For more event details, go to our event page on Facebook here.


Depot LA &amp; SMV, Register for Naughty or Nice 2018 Today!


Depot LA & SMV, Register for Naughty or Nice 2018 Today!

naughty or nice banner.png

Hello Depot Athletes,
It’s time for our annual Naughty or Nice holiday competition! For those of you who are unfamiliar with Naughty or Nice, this is a competition that we put on every year to give Depot athletes the chance to compete in a fun, festive environment. We encourage athletes to dress up in holiday attire as they push themselves a little bit harder than they normally would in our daily CrossFit classes. Naughty or Nice is a fun, family friendly event that is inclusive to both Rx and Scaled athletes and is really just a great way to end the year among friends and family! (And potentially win some prizes!)

This year’s competition will take place on Saturday, December 15th at Depot DTLA (1006 S. Olive St. LA, CA 90015) and Depot SMV. The cost is $40 and registering by Monday, 11/26 (11:59pm PST) will guarantee you a T-shirt with your registration. Registrations after 11/26 will be accepted (pending space), but will not come with a t-shirt. Our competition will be capped, so sign-up today to secure your spot! All workouts and movements have been posted on the registration site! Click below and enter code “depotunited” to unlock the event page.

LA Athletes Register Here:
SMV Athletes Register Here:
Use Code: depotunited

Finally, we’re looking for volunteers to help us run the show! If you’re unable to compete, but would like to help set up the night before, judge, and/or assist with day-of tasks, please email Jeff Franzen at


Depot DTLA Opening in December


Depot DTLA Opening in December

Depot DTLA banner.png

Dear athletes, 

Our Depot family is expanding! This December, we’ll be opening a brand new Depot location in downtown Los Angeles — right where South Park, the Financial District, and the Fashion District all meet. Depot DTLA has been in the works for a long time now and we’re happy we finally get to share the news with you. Since we opened up the doors to our first gym in 2014 (hello, West LA!), our goal has been to provide supportive and inclusive environments for people of all types to come together, work on their fitness, and build community. We're so excited we get to do this soon in DTLA.

If you have any friends who live/work downtown, we’d love if you could share the news with them. We’re running an early bird special for the first 50 members who sign up at DTLA; they’ll get their first 3 months of CrossFit for $150/month!

As a Depot member, you’ll automatically have access to Depot DTLA once we open our doors! (If you work downtown and think your office may be interested in a corporate/group membership with Depot, please email Steph Lo at

Stay tuned for more updates and please send your friends our way below!
1006 South Olive Street, Los Angeles


Your Depot Management Crew
Liz Montaño, Steph Lo, and Jeff Franzen


Depot Performance Launching 10/24!


Depot Performance Launching 10/24!

depot performance.png

We’re excited to announce that a new program, Depot Performance, will be coming to Echo Park & West LA on Wednesday, October 24th! Many of you have expressed that you’d like an alternative to CrossFit on certain days, while some of you have asked for a supplement to your training. With Depot Performance, you’ll have exactly that!

DEPOT PERFORMANCE classes are designed around circuit and interval training principles, where athletes move their bodyweight and/or light weights with high intensity and high repetitions at multiple workstations. In each 1-hour class, we’ll get you stretched, warmed up, and working through stations for 30 minutes. Depot Performance classes are for all levels.

If you have friends or family members who you’ve been trying to convince to come to Depot, but have said they aren’t ready for CrossFit, Depot Performance classes are an easy way to show them what our gym and this community’s all about.

Depot Performance will not have the heavy barbell work, olympic lifting, or gymnastics movements seen in our CrossFit classes. However, you can expect the same level of expert coaching + new bodyweight movements + fun equipment additions like suspension trainers, assault bikes, and hurdles! 


Full Body HIIT 
High-intensity interval training that targets all parts of your body with a combination of cardiovascular drills, suspension band training, and sports performance exercises. Expect to work your arms, abs, legs, chest, and back, all while burning calories, increasing strength, and improving your overall fitness.

Butt & Abs
Fire up the glutes and increase core strength with exercises specifically targeting your lower extremities, your upper and lower abdominals, and your low-to-mid back.

Just Legs
Exactly what it sounds like. Get ready to use those legs to squat, jump, and everything in between. Feel that booty burn while building strength and definition.

Speed & Agility
Work on your explosive power while staying light on your feet. We use exercises found in athletic training across varying sports to get you moving quicker front-to-back, up-and-down, and side-to-side.

We’ll be launching with a limited schedule to start and hope to hear from you throughout this initial period! Your feedback is important to us while we work on growing this program.

Here are the specific Depot Performance classes and times* that will be offered at each location starting next week. While programming will not be posted on Wodify the night before, you must reserve your spot in advance. Classes are strictly capped at each location due to the circuit-nature of the programming.

ECHO PARK (5 classes, M-F):
Monday 8 AM - Full Body HIIT
Tuesday 6:30 PM - Full Body HIIT
Wednesday 8 AM - Just Legs
Thursday 6:30 PM - Butt & Abs
Friday 8 AM - Speed & Agility

WEST LA (4 classes, M-Th)
Monday 8 AM - Full Body HIIT
Tuesday 7 PM - Full Body HIIT
Wednesday 8 AM - Speedy & Agility
Thursday 7 PM - Butt & Abs or Just Legs (Alternates)

*During the Depot Performance class times listed above, CrossFit will not be offered.

We’re excited to roll this out and hope you are too! See you at our first Performance class Wednesday 10/24 at 8 AM. 

Your Depot management team,

Liz Montaño, Steph Lo, & Jeff Franzen


Depot Heads to Girls Gone RX!


Depot Heads to Girls Gone RX!

Girls Gone RX will be hosting its 4th Annual event in Los Angeles and Depot WLA has 2 teams of strong ladies competing on October 20th!

Jackie Crawley
Nicole Kramer
Kerry Crivello

Brittany Randolph
Melanie Yiakos
Elizabeth Bassett

This competition is put on every year to bring all types of women together through Competition for a Cure and benefiting Bright Pink, an organization “on a mission to save women’s lives from breast cancer and ovarian cancer by empowering them to live proactively at a young age.”

compete for a cure.jpg
bright pink.png

Make sure to go out and support these women WODing for a cause at Iron Battalion CrossFit starting at 9am!

Iron Battalion CrossFit - 21525 Strathern St., Canoga Park, CA 91304
For more information on this event, click


Depot SMV's Teddy Bear Cancer Foundation Fundraiser


Depot SMV's Teddy Bear Cancer Foundation Fundraiser

Depot SMV family and friends,

National Childhood Cancer Awareness month is September. To support the cause and to stand up to cancer, join us at Depot Santa Maria on October 6th at 9AM & 10AM for a Bootcamp style workout, programmed by our very own Coach Mary! On that day, we’ll be raising awareness and funds for The Teddy Bear Cancer Foundation.

Check out Mary’s letter below for more details about why we’re hosting this event!

coach mary smv.png

One of the best parts of being a member at Depot is our community. We unite to celebrate our victories and support our town. On Saturday October 6th, we are going to be joining together for a bootcamp-style workout to benefit the Teddy Bear Cancer Foundation.

The Teddy Bear Cancer Foundation is an amazing organization that benefits families all over the central coast. They provide resources to the whole family when a child is diagnosed with cancer. No parents should have to worry about the bills that add up when their child is sick.

I personally witnessed this foundation serve a family in our community in their time of need. The Carter family lost their sweet 3-year old son to neuroblastoma, an aggressive childhood cancer. The Teddy Bear Cancer Foundation helped the Carters tremendously and I know Depot is a community that pays it forward!

So join us on October 6th at 9 AM or 10 AM to work out and fundraise for this awesome charity!

Invite your friends and family to join us as DEPOT GOES GOLD for childhood cancer. <3

- Coach Mary

Depot’s Teddy Bear Cancer Foundation workout is for all athletes to attend, with donations welcome. Non-Depot members must arrive 15 minutes early to sign a waiver, while Depot members should reserve a spot on Wodify ahead of time. Regular Saturday morning classes will be cancelled on this day. If you’d like to make a donation, checks can be made out to “The Teddy Bear Cancer Foundation.” 

Click here to join the event page!


Fall Classic 2018


Fall Classic 2018

Congratulations again to everyone who participated in the Fall Classic Olympic! We are proud of how hard you all worked and have included a letter from Coach Jeff Franzen below:

Dear athletes,

First off, I want to say how much fun I had on Saturday at the Fall Classic! It was such an awesome experience for me to see West LA and Echo Park members getting out on that platform and crushing it. I know some of you were worried and nervous about the meet, but everyone did an amazing job. It was truly inspiring seeing many of you do something that might not have been in your comfort zone. We also had some big PRs out on the floor AND some PR's in the warm-up area! Congratulations again.

I'd also like to thank everyone who came to spectate and support your fellow athletes. You filled the room with so much love and encouragement, and you were a big contributing factor to the meet's success! Finally, thank you to all of our Depot staff and athletes who volunteered their time and energy. Whether you helped judge, check athletes in, or change plates, we couldn't have done this without you. Once again, you've all helped show just how incredible the Depot community is. 

I look forward to our next Fall Classic and our upcoming Holiday Competition! (And somewhere in between, we're hoping to host another meet or two so you all can continue to chase those gains.)

Enjoy the Fall Classic photos below courtesy of Wendy!

Coach Jeff


The Fall Classic is Here!


The Fall Classic is Here!

fall classic banner.png

Depot's annual olympic weightlifting meet is just around the corner! Depot West LA and Echo Park members will be competing on Saturday 9/8 at Depot Echo Park. Each athlete will have 3 attempts at the Snatch and the Clean & Jerk. 

Good luck, competitors!

Echo Park Athletes
Coach Adrian
Candice Palmisano
Charlie Shute
Daniel Garcia
Denny Won
Jake Brown
Jake Thomas
Jenny Yu
Jon Prescott
Karen Lewis
Kyle Bowie
Luke Palmisano
Marcus Heisser
Nico Shalmoun
Thomas Beeman
Thomas Powers
William La

West LA Athletes
Alex Censullo
Alex Wuo
Brendan Skinner
Caprio Collier
Charlotte Delaney
Eric Durante
Eric Levine
Eric Pawlakos
Jason Dupere
John Whitcomb
Johnny Pletz
Matt Montefusco
Michael Lynch
Mike Rivera
Monica Sone
Nadya Panfilov
Ryan Nolan
Susan Michelle
Tristan Wisner
Troy Nakamatsu
Wendy Paniagua

Make sure to come out and support your fellow athletes this Saturday! We'll be headed to the Semi-Tropic for drinks and snacks after the meet: Click here for details
Classes will be cancelled at both locations on this day

fall classic sponsors.png

Thank you again to our awesome sponsors! On Saturday, enjoy complimentary coffee & tea from Larchmont Bungalow Cafe while cheering on your fellow athletes! Our 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place athletes will win goodies from Perfect Bar, wodwelder, Territory, and RXBAR.

Competitors and spectators, we also encourage bringing snacks and beverages to share!

See you Saturday.


Sign Up for the Fall Classic!


Sign Up for the Fall Classic!

Get your lifters ready because Depot's Annual Weightlifting Meet is coming up soon! West LA & Echo Park will have their Fall Classic on Saturday, September 8th at Echo Park, while SMV's will be Saturday, September 22nd. Read all about the Fall Classic in Coach's Jeff's letter below:

Hey all!

I'm excited to announce that our awesome in-house weightlifting meet, the Depot Fall Classic, is coming up in September! At Depot, the bulk of the classes I coach are CrossFit but I also teach Olympic Lifting at West LA and oversee the Barbell program at Echo Park (now also piloting in Santa Maria with a special 8-week Program!)

Weightlifting is one of my true passions. In addition to having my CrossFit Level 1 certification, I also have my USAW Level 1 and I have taken numerous weightlifting seminars and competed in weightlifting meets myself. From my own experience, I know that doing any sort of competing can be intimidating. Traditional olympic weightlifting meets in particular can be very different from the "typical" CrossFit competition; they can be quiet, very formal, and very regimented.

Compared to a traditional olympic weightlifting meet, Depot's Fall Classic is a casual in-house meet that will allow you to challenge yourself in a lowkey and encouraging environment. We'll play music and hang out throughout the day, and folks will be encouraged to give you high fives and bring snacks. Now get your best looking singlet (jk, not required but I'll applaud you for wearing one) and get signed up!!!! More details below.

Keep chasing them gainz!
Jeff Franzen, Head of Programming & Coaching

fall classic banner.png

To sign-up, visit your location's link below:

West LA & Echo Park @ EP - 9/8: Sign up here
SMV - 9/22: Sign up here


Spring Into Summer Recap


Spring Into Summer Recap

Congratulations again to everyone who participated in the Spring Into Summer Challenge! We wanted to highlight all of the hard work you put into the Challenge and have included a letter from Coach Richard Kittlaus below:

Hi Everyone,

My name is Richard and I'm one of the coaches at Depot Echo Park. I was fortunate enough to organize and run Depot's first ever Spring Into Summer Challenge and I couldn't be happier with the results. We designed this 5-week challenge to help participants eat healthier, work out more regularly, and inspire their teammates. This challenge was a great way for athletes to learn more about nutrition, see how their performance in the gym can be improved with the proper fuel, and ultimately reach goals they didn't think were possible.

Coaches Jason, Erika, Jeff M, Mary, and Zoei led teams in Echo Park, West LA, and SMV. As team captains, they helped motivate and hold their members accountable for working out and eating well in those 5 weeks to help achieve their goals. The results from our first benchmark workout an dunk versus our second workout and dunk were a clear indication of how hard everyone worked throughout the Challenge. As a group, we dropped body fat, increased muscle mass, and added reps to our second WOD. Really awesome.

I've run a lot of fitness and nutrition challenges in the past, but hearing some of the personal stories of growth and improvement in the end made Spring Into summer one of the most successful challenges I've been a part of. Congratulations to our participants and winners and thank you so much to all the team captains who helped make this possible!

- Rich

Overall Challenge Winners
Hogan Lee (WLA) & Allison Palm (SMV)

Hogan Lee WLA.jpg
Allison Palm SMV.jpg

Team Winner
If Conan The Barbarian And Xena The Warrior Princess Had Children It Would Be Us
Captain: Jason Mac

Jason's Team.JPG

Individual Male and Female Winners:

Jason Mac's Team (EP)
Will Malherbe & Erin Johnson

Jeff McKinney's Team (WLA)
John Whitcomb & Karina Salazar

Erika Becker's Team (EP)
Ford Allen & Alice Gualpa

Zoei Way's Team (SMV)
Greg Rowan & Deanne Davis

Mary Bigelow's Team (SMV)
Jennifer Lincoln & Marko Marrero

Awesome job to our winners and all of our participants!


Coach Ted is Madison Bound!


Coach Ted is Madison Bound!

Depot Squad! Coach Ted is headed to Madison next month for the CrossFit Games. Check out his letter below to learn more about how you can support him on his road to the Games.


Hi Everyone,

As you may know, last month my team qualified for the 2018 CrossFit Games. I wanted to personally say thank you to all of you who drove to Del Mar to cheer us on, and thank you to those of you who sent your words of encouragement through texts and social posts. Making it to the Games has been a huge dream of mine, and I could not have done it without the support of this incredible community. I love getting to coach you all at Depot, so it really meant a lot to me to see and feel the outpouring of support from Depot during Regionals. Depot always manages to be one of the loudest and most supportive groups in the audience at the Fairgrounds!

This year, the Games will be in Madison, Wisconsin from August 1st-5th. Unfortunately, anyone who qualifies for the Games has to pay their own way, which includes an entrance fee, housing, flights, and meals that can be pretty costly. Our team set up a couple of fundraising sites that could help us in our journey as we try to focus on finishing on top of the podium in August. There's no pressure at all to donate, but any of your support would be greatly appreciated. Thank you so much again for everything you've done to get us here!


To support Ted and his team on their road to the Games, you can either purchase a shirt and/or donate directly to the team. Both links with more information are below!

Teddy's T-shirt: Buy Now
Select "Pick Up" in the delivery option. Ted will bring the shirts to West LA and Echo Park and/or ship any orders to SMV. Last day to order is July 8th at 7am!

Team Fundraising: Learn More