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June is nationally recognized as LGBTQ pride month! On Saturday, June 8th to celebrate our LGBTQ community and allies, we'll host one Depot Pride class at DTLA and two Depot Pride classes at Echo Park, West LA, and SMV . Each class will run 90 minutes instead of an hour; in each class we'll be crushing two separate WODs to honor LGBTQ heroes Harvey Milk and Edith Windsor. Classes will be led by Coach Zoei Shelton (SMV), Coach Adrian (Echo Park), Coach Steph (DTLA), Coach Ryan (WLA), and Coach Chad (WLA).


Zoei Shelton (SMV)

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Why are you so excited to coach this workout?
In a world where there is sooo much division, I think it's super important to find as many ways to show up for and support each other as we can. To be open, accepting, and loving to our gym brothers/sisters and to celebrate them for who they are! I am excited to coach this workout so that I can show my support to the LGBTQ community and at the same time, do my part to help us progress and move forward toward unity, acceptance and love that overpowers judgment and hate.

What makes you Depot Proud? 
I like walking into a place that feels like home. I feel very lucky to be part of our coaching's like a little family that fits into the bigger family that is Depot SMV -- which is part of our giant Depot United family! I am proud of our community & this thing called CrossFit (or Bootcamp) because of the power it has to bring together & unite so many different people.

Adrian Gonzalez (Echo park)

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Why are you so excited to coach this workout?
I'm excited to coach this workout to raise awareness about GLSEN and all of the reasons we celebrate Pride. So many kids struggle with their identity at school and are bullied. As a gay Mexican boy growing up in a machismo bordertown, I know what it's like to fear not being accepted for who you are. This is a perfect way to bring the LGBTQ community and its allies together, because only together can we move forward and overcome adversity. Plus, coaching has become my favorite place to get my dance party going while everyone is working out :)

What makes you Depot Proud? 
I love my Depot community! It's an incredible diverse group of creative, passionate, and talented athletes that continue to make me a better human every day. They've embraced me with open arms and celebrate who I am as a person and as an athlete, and I'm lucky that I am able to call many of them my friends. Depot will forever be my home! Depot Strong baby! Depot Pride!

Steph Lo (DTLA)

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Why are you so excited to coach this workout?
We introduced Depot Pride last year and I was fortunate enough to coach the WOD at Depot West LA. The Pride WOD is a total grinder of a partner workout (spoiler alert: it's 2 separate metcons hosted in a single session) and an absolute blast. As a coach, there's really nothing that brings me more joy than watching you all suffer together (i.e. have fun together) while dancing around to Janelle Monae and Troye Sivan. More importantly, June's a big month for the LGBTQ+ community and I'm excited we get to celebrate Pride at DTLA this year. If you're an ally, this is a chance to show up for your fellow queer athletes here at Depot. And if you're a member of the LGBTQ+ community, this is just one way out of many that we at Depot hope to show our love and support. Excited to see you decked out in your finest rainbow gear (and/or sequins, glitter, etc.) this Saturday!

What makes you Depot Proud? 
I've visited many gyms over the course of my 6+ years of doing CrossFit, and I can easily say that Depot has one of the most diverse and inclusive communities. I'm a masculine-presenting gay Asian American woman, and at Depot I can be my full self without ever feeling out of place. At Depot, our coaches and members come from all types of backgrounds and have a variety of differing identities, and I love that we celebrate those differences here at Depot. I'm also proud to be part of a community that gives back to the community. As a GLSEN chapter leader and volunteer, I can assure you that every single dollar that gets donated to the organization is going directly to support K-12 students and educators helping make schools safer and more inclusive for LGBTQ+ students right here in Los Angeles. I'm proud to work for a CrossFit gym that is not only a welcoming space for queer athletes, but also helping make a positive impact in the lives of LGBTQ+ youth!

Ryan Cho (WLA)

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Why are you so excited to coach this workout?
I think the pride workout is a great way to celebrate and showcase the diversity of the gym. Not every gym is able, or wants, to host a Pride workout, and I'm excited that Depot is a place where we are able to do so! (Also--In reality, I'm just excited to listen to Steph's annual playlist for this workout.)

What makes you Depot Proud? 
There's a lot of reasons that make me Depot Proud! First off, it's great to have a supportive and interactive community. That's one of the great things about CrossFit in general, and Depot especially. I've made a ton of friends through the gym and I'm glad we can be a place where anyone, regardless of their fitness level, can do fitness!

Chad Hanson (WLA)

Coach Chad.jpg

Why are you so excited to coach this workout?
I always love the opportunity to coach the workouts that are for a cause. There's usually a lot more energy in the class and it's awesome seeing everyone come together to sweat for a worthy cause. Can't wait to see everyone stylin' in their wicked cool Depot pride shirts too (shout out to Wendy P for those!).

What makes you Depot Proud? 
What makes me Depot proud is being part of such a welcoming and humble community. I'm always blown away by how friendly and supportive all our members are of each other. I also love that so many members rally together and get behind causes like this. It goes to show the high level of character our members have and I consider myself so lucky to be part of such a great group of people. 

We can’t wait to see you on Saturday sporting your Depot Pride shirts and rainbow gear! Don’t forget to reserve your spot on Wodify before classes get capped.