One-on-one sessions with our coaches are a great way to help you achieve results. One of our coaches will work closely with you to discuss and assess your needs, help identify key weaknesses, and formulate a custom program to help you reach your fitness goals. Some examples of the benefits of one-on-one training include:

  • Strength Building/Technique: Our coaches will develop specific programs to help you further improve your overall strength and, more importantly, will focus on improving your technique. Proper technique will not only enable you to move more weight more efficiently, but will alleviate the risk of injury to help ensure your safety and continued development.

  • Specific Skills: We all have certain areas in CrossFit where we'd like to improve (somtimes referred to as our "GOAT"). Whether it is getting your first muscle up or improving a lifting technique, our coaches can provide targeted attention on those areas to help you sharpen your skill set.

  • Nutrition: You can’t outwork a bad diet. Better nutrition will not only help you look better, but will also improve your performance and overall health. Come speak with one of our nutrition specialists for a diet plan and see how much of a difference it can really make!


Pricing ranges from $75 per hour to $150 per hour based on coaches experience.  Please contact the DEPOT location you are interested in here to learn more!